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Tina van LeuvenJoy Sprinkle Trail Offer

Meeting Tina van Leuven from Inner Delight has been a true blessing to us. Filled with love and joy she brought the beautiful colors of aura-soma into our lives, shining at our Magic@Noon -Balance- where people came to experience balance, peace of mind & joy.

We were very happy to create the Musical Soul Journey for Tina, which she taped. You, having witnessed that journey online, we would like to offer a Soul Journey of your own for a special price. Just because we would love as many people as possible to get in touch with their most beautiful selves and hence spread that joy!


Our Joy Sprinkle offer to you:
(to be booked & paid before february 15)

Musical Soul Journey 1 : including as much piano improvisations as suit your process, a reading for every piece of music, a cd with your recordings & a printed version of your readings – our usual price; 250€  Joy Sprinkle Trail Price; 175 €

Musical Soul Journey 2* : content as in journey 1 + a Skype session of 1,5 hours in which you experience the music, share your experience, listen to your reading as it is read to you and coaching towards living your full potential is offered, if needed  – our usual price; 375 €   Joy Sprinkle Trail Price; 250 €

Musical Soul Journey 3* : content as in journey 2 + 5 Skype sessions in which counseling towards living your most beautiful self is offered – our usual price; 875 € Joy Sprinkle Trail Price; 699 €

*You are also welcome in our studio for the coachingssessions at the Kunstfort te Vijfhuizen

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